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the correct poll answers!

how many batgirls does it take to beat superman?
overwhelmingly correct! between babs & cass, they just about equal one batman, & as we all know, batman beats superman. there were some dissenters, what with "no batgirls" & "thousand & thousands" being choices, but screw the lot of 'em. don't get me wrong, bats don't PUNK supes, but...

what is more important to batman?
reputations! batman is just a plain old guy! that is why he dresses scary & acts like a monster. otherwise, someone might just, well, kill him.

how many arkhams does it take to beat new genesis?
i don't even know the right one to this! tricky! i said arkham on apokalips.

if batman started training YOU, today, to be in the bat family, how long would it take till you were ready?
kromelizard convinced me. i had originally thought 5 years, but he pointed out that after a year of rigorous training, the only way you could get better would be through actual field experiance. so.
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