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and don't push me, not with beautiful ideas of romantic love. because if i'm going to turn out to be a romantic, i need to arrive there on my own. and trust me, i know, if i'm looking for romance, for the big love story to end all love stories, i'm going to find it with you.

come home.
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i said "none of my friends like you!" in response to television.

so anyhow, jenny doesn't like kingtycoon because he is too much person!

so david agrees with her!

so....she laughed like a goose!
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m-ouse ears.

the correct poll answers!

how many batgirls does it take to beat superman?
overwhelmingly correct! between babs & cass, they just about equal one batman, & as we all know, batman beats superman. there were some dissenters, what with "no batgirls" & "thousand & thousands" being choices, but screw the lot of 'em. don't get me wrong, bats don't PUNK supes, but...

what is more important to batman?
reputations! batman is just a plain old guy! that is why he dresses scary & acts like a monster. otherwise, someone might just, well, kill him.

how many arkhams does it take to beat new genesis?
i don't even know the right one to this! tricky! i said arkham on apokalips.

if batman started training YOU, today, to be in the bat family, how long would it take till you were ready?
kromelizard convinced me. i had originally thought 5 years, but he pointed out that after a year of rigorous training, the only way you could get better would be through actual field experiance. so.
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comics poll answer.

NO! lois lane was NOT a cock-tease when she was single. she was, in fact, a serial mongamist, at the very least, & a total ho at the very most. the reasoning here: clark kent, aka superman, aka kal-el, aka the last son of krypton, aka the man of steel is a HAY SEED. he is the bashful naive bumpkin! lois lane, on the other hand, is the distillate of the "modern" woman. she is the city dweller, canny in the ways of the world! she has "been around the block." she is EXPERIANCED. see, she intimidates clark with her being so much more worldly...because she IS so much more worldly.

thus, lois lane is a total slut.
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mordicai was all "POST HERE BITCH" and I was like "K", so here goes...

So hey, who here will be needing or knows someone who will be needing a roommate come saaaaay..... the end of September, beginning of October-ish?

I'm totally all up in Florida right now and it's so totally not my scene, 4 rilz.

I'm totally an arteeest and would like to SEE if there's any possibility of obtaining some sort of production job (lolz good luck me!). New York is something I might as well take a shot at, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and I'll likely head on out to California, which has more of an animation scene.

What I'm wanting, is not to sign a lease-- I want to go in as someone's roommate, with the understanding that we're talking like, 3 months, with the option to perhaps stay longer. I have a dog, who will most likely be staying with my parents until I am certain of where I will be for a length of time. So if it DOES work out, it'd be kewl if the person I was crashing with would be down with a dog moving in later but no promises, right?