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Kingtycune: On Meet the Press they just read this list of the things the pope doesn't like and they're like half of my character traits.
mordicai caeli: no, the pope is a weird one.
mordicai caeli: but surprise!.
mordicai caeli: surprise kingtycoon, you are not a good catholic!
Kingtycune: It's funny that this is an issue to people though - aren't all religious leaders intolerant reactionaries?
mordicai caeli: TA DA!!
Kingtycune: It's just the funny surprise that people seem to have.
Kingtycune: I wanted another Borgia pope, I guess not.
mordicai caeli: right?, sorry he isn't very liberal in his policies? see, there is this old, old book? with all these intolerant laws? that he says he thinks god wrote.
mordicai caeli: the pope before jpii was borgia'd!
Kingtycune: but people are surprised by the reactionary attitudes of the Dali Lama also (for instance) that's a funny thing.
11:05 AM
Kingtycune: Check it out! Buddhism is just as stupid as your native faith sucker!
mordicai caeli: hey, what is the other lama's name?
Kingtycune: Panchen llama
mordicai caeli: yeah, i hate buddhism a lot.
mordicai caeli: right, panchen. isn't he replaced by a doppleganger now?
Kingtycune: no. He's the true llama appointed by the Peoples Republic.
mordicai caeli: hahah oh, right. sorry, sir maoist
Kingtycune: Actually I think there's an interesting story involved in how he was invested.
mordicai caeli: no, basically the deal is:
Kingtycune: Like it was known who he was and then there was a race to see who could get him.
mordicai caeli: it is he job of the dalai lama to invest him, & his job to invest the dalai lama, depending on, right, who is alive.
Kingtycune: ah.
mordicai caeli: the dalai lama said one guy, china said "nu-uh, this guy."
mordicai caeli: & then also, kidnapped the other guy.
mordicai caeli: because...china.
Kingtycune: oh, okay - you're smarter about it than me then.
Kingtycune: hah! kidnapping the llamas, a good time for everyone.
Kingtycune: That's the dalai llamas problem - he needs more ninjas.
mordicai caeli: i only know that much, basically.
Kingtycune: Like, if there were Shinto llamas or popes they would have Ninjas instead of swiss gaurds.
Kingtycune: Ninjas.
mordicai caeli: tibet sucks. no ninjas or samurai or wuxing.
mordicai caeli: no pirates, being land-bound.
Kingtycune: they do have ghurkas?
mordicai caeli: fuck tibet.
mordicai caeli: no, they have swashtikas, that is it.
Kingtycune: you could be saved by Ghurkas, they are supposed to be better even than the Sikhs
mordicai caeli: they will not sheath their knife without drawing blood!
11:10 AM
Kingtycune: yeah! Me neither!
Kingtycune: now.
mordicai caeli: that is what i say every time i take off my pants.
mordicai caeli: i have to fuck virgins more. more!
mordicai caeli: or girls on the rag, i guess.
mordicai caeli: menstrual blood is like, double blood, like girl's blood & baby blood. is that true?
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