Tasha (tushyt) wrote in ljcommune,

Please Join

If you have friend/boyfriend problems, family problems, social/mental problems, stories you would like to share, rants, poetry you would like to be rated, or if you would just like to meet some new friends, come join, all ur moments.

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fucking commit suicide & go to hell. your friends are against you, your boyfriend will forget you in 2 years, your family mostly resents you, you are my social/mental problem, etc.

Great. Now I want to delete my journal. What the fuck am I doing?
HMM. Maybe once you hit drinking age, you'll be less of a fucktard.

I mean, right? You realize wandering into a random community and spamming about bullshit puts you up there with the bum in the tinfoil hat pissing themselves right? What possible fucking reach of logic would have lead you to believe that this post would garner you anything but humiliation?